Otay Vet Veterinary Clinic - Surgery

Surgery Veterinary Tijuana

Otay Vet Veterinary Clinic has Dr. Gilbert Lopez with 28 years of experience, an experienced surgeon with a wide range of skills and expertise able to provide the majority of your pet’s surgical needs. Occasionally we may refer your pet to a specialty center in San Diego Ca., USA in certain circumstances.

Otay Vet is equipped with a modern operating room and surgical equipment which allow us to perform advanced surgical procedures including spinal surgery, orthopedics, major chest and abdominal surgery and many ophthalmic procedures. Any surgery is backed up by intensive post-operative nursing and treatment, given 24 hours a day.

Our clinic hygiene and sterility procedures are stringent, in keeping with modern practice, and designed to minimize the risk of post surgical infections. Otay Vet also works with several blood banks throughout the United States which can supply blood for operations where heavy bleeding may be encountered.

By providing a competent surgeon and modern facilities and equipment, Otay Vet aims to achieve a high rate of success in surgical procedures. Surgical complications can occur, but thankfully in most cases this is uncommon. When complications do arise, we deal with them vigorously and are often able to successfully overcome complications.

We understand that having your pet undergo surgery can cause you great anxiety and we are always available to support you and to provide you with as much reassurance as possible during such times. We welcome any questions you may wish to ask – please let us know of any concerns you may have related to your pet’s surgery.