Our consultations are 50% longer than most vets in the USA AND MEXICO!

You have taken the time to come and see us – we want to make sure that we do everything possible to adequately deal with your concerns and get to the root of the problem

OtayVet Veterinary Clinic strives to deliver consultations that are aimed at:
Providing a thorough physical examination of your pet
Having a full and detailed discussion with you regarding…
Our clinical findings
The suggested treatment plan
The costs of treatments, as well as
Benefits and/or risk involved

At OtayVet Veterinary Clinic, we understand that you need trust and confidence in us to allow your pet to undergo, investigations and/or surgical procedures – especially when they have been admitted into hospital, are due for anesthesia or where the costs are likely to be substantial.

We allow extra time in the consultation in order to carry out the examination, as well as to provide sufficient discussion so that you can confidently give us your informed consent to proceed.

Our appointment system should therefore be only used as a guide as to when you are likely to be seen. This is because, where required, additional time may have to be spent on an individual case thereby causing a delay to subsequent appointments. Should you be delayed in this way, please understand that, if required, we will also take the required extra time to help deal with any issues you may have.

OtayVet Veterinary Clinic is fitted with two consulting rooms equipped with all the equipment to carry out an initial basic physical examination. Should we be unable to arrive at a diagnosis after this initial examination, we may suggest further detailed investigate procedures. Any pet requiring a more detailed examination may need to be admitted for this – especially where sedation or anesthesia is required.

We aim to provide you with whatever information you require and welcome as many questions as you feel are necessary to fully understand your pet’s needs. For us, it is essential you feel comfortable and confident in going along with our suggestions and will endeavor to reassure you that any work undertaken is necessary and in the best interests of your pet.