Otay Vet Veterinary Clinic - Geriatric Care

Aging actually begins at birth, but its signs are not noticeable to us or our pets for several years. The first sign of aging is a general decrease in activity level, including a tendency to sleep longer and more soundly, a loss of enthusiasm for play time, and a general loss of interest in the activities around them.

As aging advances, the heart, liver, and kidneys lose their functional efficiency, and the immune system is less able to fight off attacks by bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. Bladder control may be affected, and all of the muscles decrease in size and strength although this aspect is reversible at any age with the addition of exercise. In general our pets experience the same issues with age that we do, including hearing loss, decreased night vision, arthritic pain, and even dementia.

To help keep your pet as healthy and comfortable as possible during his or her senior years, we provide a comprehensive geriatric wellness program that includes complete physical exams, periodic blood tests, nutritional counseling, monitoring and discussion of behavioral changes and evaluation of cognitive functions. Early detection and diagnosis of abnormal changes are critical in maintaining and optimizing your pet's overall health as she/he ages.